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when wishing to have a bilingual side-by-side review for content translated in OmegaT.

Precondition: You have to translate a bilingual file format inside of OmegaT, which translate5 is able to handle.

Step-by-step guide

This guide shows how to handle a round-trip based on the translation of a sdlxliff-file, done in OmegaT

  1. translate your sdlxliff-file with OmegaT
  2. Save it your edits.
  3. Close your OmegaT.
  4. On the file system open the project folder of your project and open the source folder
  5. Take the sdlxliff file you find there 
  6. Import your sdlxliff file in translate5
  7. Do your edits in translate5
  8. Export your sdlxliff file from translate5. The export will give you a zip-package
  9. Extract the sdlxliff file from the zip-package 
  10. Replace the sdlxliff file in the source folder of your project with the sdlxliff file from the zip package
  11.  Open your OmegaT project within OmegaT. All your changes from translate5 are within your project.


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