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The OpenAI Plugin enables users to use an OpenAI GPT Model as Machine Translation engine, either for the pretranslation of tasks or with InstantTranslate.

Some Models can be trained within a fine-tuning UI and specific settings for each Model can be made from the Model-properties UI. Generally an OpenAI Model is bound to specific source/target languages and the fine-tuning can only be done for those languages.

After the plugin was activated for the installation some basic configurations have to be made:

OpenAI API URL (runtimeOptions.plugins.OpenAI.server)

This usually points to

OpenAI API authorization token (runtimeOptions.plugins.OpenAI.apiToken)

When your OpenAI account is entitled to use their API, one can create API tokens on this page:

Make sure the payment-options are setup correctly as it can easily happen requests are rejected due to exhausted token-limits.

Especially "Auto recharge" has to be activated for an uninterrupted use of the API

OpenAI API organization-ID (runtimeOptions.plugins.OpenAI.organizationId, optional)

If you are using multiple OpenAI accounts and/or organisations, this ID can be used to differentiate billing & token limits.

Setup an organization here:

OpenAI Machine Translation default matchrate

By default, Machine Pretranslations have a matchrate of 70%. This value can be used to change this setting for OpenAI

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