Max. and min. length restrictions (so far only supported for XLIFF 1.2 import files; also works across all segments of a trans-unit). Length restriction can be

Settings for a task can be done in the task-template.xml and pixel-mapping.xml (which must be included in the task's import-ZIP). Details see below.

Default settings must be provided in the config. Details see below.

Settings for Length Restrictions

General settings are  set in the task-template. These can be overwritten by each trans-unit.

Settings for pixel-mapping

The mapping of characters and their pixel-lengths can be given:

Each segment will check if there is a specific mapping for its import-file. If settings for the file do not exist, the general task-settings are used. If those don't exist, the config is used.

Example for pixel-mapping.xlsx:



    <trans-unit id="4" translate5:maxNumberOfLines="2" minwidth="100" maxwidth="300" size-unit="pixel">
<source>Example for maximal 2 lines, minwidth 100, maxWidth 300.</source>

Please note:

Task Template

see Task Templates

Default Config

Config nameTypeDefaultDescription
runtimeOptions.segments.enableCountSegmentLengthboolean1If enabled, the segment character counter will appear when the segment is being edited.


map{"8":"7", "9":"8", "10":"9", "11":"10", "12":"11", "13":"12", "14":"13", "15":"14", "16":"15", "17":"16", "18":"17", "19":"18", "20":"19"}Default pixel-widths for font-sizes, example: {"12":"3", "13":"4", "14":"5"}