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This feature is no longer supported. Please in future user this: Default user assignment

A user with the role of a project manager is able to allocate users to a task as well as a role to the users in the workflow. The same holds true for the workflow status where such an allocation is located. A project manager is able to add, delete or change allocations of users and status in the workflow at any time.

Automatic user allocation through predefined languages

On creating / editing users one or more source and target language can defined per user. These chosen languages are used to automatically add users to a newly created task.

Only users with the system role "editor" are considered, "PM" and "admin" users are not added automatically but this can be done manually.

Users without any configured language or users with no matching languages can still be added manually to the task.

All automatically added users are added in the first role of the current workflow step, that means on translation tasks the users are added as translators, in review tasks they are added as reviewers.

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