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Code Block
titleCurrent writer configuration in application.ini
resources.ZfExtended_Resource_Logger.writer.default.type = 'ErrorLog'
resources.ZfExtended_Resource_Logger.writer.default.filter[] = "level <= warn" 					; → warn logs from fatal to warn into the error log

; Test config:
resources.ZfExtended_Resource_Logger.writer.mail.type = 'DirectMail'
resources.ZfExtended_Resource_Logger.writer.mail.filter[] = "level <= error" 						; → warn logs from fatal till error via E-Mail
resources.ZfExtended_Resource_Logger.writer.mail.sender = '' 					; → should be set with useful values in installation.ini, 
																									;	defaults to legacy value from
resources.ZfExtended_Resource_Logger.writer.mail.receiver[] = '' 				; → should be set with useful values in installation.ini, 
																									;   if not set defaults to legacy
resources.ZfExtended_Resource_Logger.writer.mail.receiver[] = '' 	; → should be set with useful values in installation.ini

resources.ZfExtended_Resource_Logger.writer.database.type = 'Database'
; via the formatter define what the user gets: full debug content, or only notice and so on.
resources.ZfExtended_Resource_Logger.writer.database.filter[] = "level <= debug" 						; logs from fatal to debug into the database


When overwriting resources.ZfExtended_Resource_Logger.writer.mail.receiver in installation.ini the default value from application.ini is overwritten too. That means the default receiver should be added to installation.ini too:

resources.ZfExtended_Resource_Logger.writer.mail.receiver[] = 'your receiver'
resources.ZfExtended_Resource_Logger.writer.mail.receiver[] = 'our default receiver from application.ini'

DirectMail different users for different errors


Code Block
titletask log writer config in application/modules/editor/configs/module.ini
resources.ZfExtended_Resource_Logger.writer.tasklog.filter[] = "level <= warn" 								; first filter rule
resources.ZfExtended_Resource_Logger.writer.tasklog.filter[] = "level <= debug; domain ^=" 	; second filter rule

;ecodes can be filtered too (they are added internally in the filter to the domain):
resources.ZfExtended_Resource_Logger.writer.tasklog.filter[] = "level <= warn; domain $= E1234" 	; filtering a specific ecode

Each filter rule is it self, a semicolon separated list of expressions. All expressions of one rule are connected via "and", so all expressions must be evaluated to true in order that the rule is valid.