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where the ID is the tasks DB id.
Parameter "trigger"the trigger to be triggered, in the example above "notifyAllUsersAboutTaskAssociation"

Remote callback when all users finish there jobs

In the example bellow it is shown how workflow trigger with remote callback URL can be configured after all users did finish there jobs in a task. The parameters field must be json string and all invalid content there will be ignored. 

Code Block
titleRemote callback configuration
# id, workflow, trigger, inStep, byRole, userState, actionClass, action, parameters, position, description
'37', 'default', 'handleAllFinishOfARole', NULL, NULL, NULL, 'editor_Workflow_Actions', 'triggerCallbackAction', '{"url":"","params":{"username":"myusername","password":"mypass"	}}', '0', 'Send a request to the configured url parameter with the task and task user assoc data. If "params" field is provided in the parameters field, this will be applied to in the request json.'

Example for parameters configuration:

Code Block
titleParameters field example

url → url which will be called by the trigger

params → additional key-value parameters which will be submitted as row post data. This can be used for authentication for example.

Alongside with the custom "params" also the task data and the task-user association will be present in the submitted post data.

task →translate5 task info

tua → all associated users to the provided task

Code Block
titlePost request content example

    "username": "myusername",
    "password": "mypass",
    "task": {
        "id": 1919,
        "entityVersion": "124",
        "modified": "2022-06-08 11:35:10",
        "taskGuid": "{876c2173-58aa-4220-865b-8454a5470fd6}",
        "taskNr": "",
        "foreignId": "",
        "taskName": "Task-de-en.html - de \/ en",
        "foreignName": "",
        "sourceLang": "4",
        "targetLang": "5",
        "relaisLang": "0",
        "lockedInternalSessionUniqId": null,
        "locked": null,
        "lockingUser": null,
        "state": "open",
        "workflow": "default",
        "workflowStep": "14",
        "workflowStepName": "reviewing",
        "pmGuid": "{e6828cdf-2ee0-4a25-af0a-92e6f060e9eb}",
        "pmName": "Manager, Project (manager)",
        "wordCount": "11",
        "userCount": "1",
        "orderdate": "2022-06-07 00:00:00",
        "enddate": null,
        "referenceFiles": "0",
        "terminologie": "0",
        "enableSourceEditing": "0",
        "edit100PercentMatch": "0",
        "lockLocked": "1",
        "qmSubsegmentFlags": "{\"qmSubsegmentFlags\":[{\"text\":\"Accuracy\",\"id\":1,\"children\":[{\"text\":\"Mistranslation\",\"id\":2,\"children\":[{\"text\":\"Terminology\",\"id\":3}]},{\"text\":\"Omission\",\"id\":4},{\"text\":\"Addition\",\"id\":5},{\"text\":\"Untranslated\",\"id\":6}]},{\"text\":\"Fluency\",\"id\":7,\"children\":[{\"text\":\"Register\",\"id\":8},{\"text\":\"Style\",\"id\":9},{\"text\":\"Inconsistency\",\"id\":10},{\"text\":\"Spelling\",\"id\":11},{\"text\":\"Typography\",\"id\":12},{\"text\":\"Grammar\",\"id\":13},{\"text\":\"Locale violation\",\"id\":14},{\"text\":\"Unintelligible\",\"id\":15}]},{\"text\":\"Verity\",\"id\":16,\"children\":[{\"text\":\"Completeness\",\"id\":17},{\"text\":\"Legal requirements\",\"id\":18},{\"text\":\"Locale applicability\",\"id\":19}]}],\"severities\":{\"critical\":\"Critical\",\"major\":\"Major\",\"minor\":\"Minor\"}}",
        "emptyTargets": "0",
        "importAppVersion": "development",
        "customerId": "1",
        "usageMode": "simultaneous",
        "segmentCount": "3",
        "segmentFinishCount": "3",
        "taskType": "projectTask",
        "projectId": "1918",
        "diffExportUsable": "0",
        "description": "",
        "created": "2022-06-07 14:23:02"
    "tua": {
        "id": "1492",
        "taskGuid": "{876c2173-58aa-4220-865b-8454a5470fd6}",
        "userGuid": "{e6828cdf-2ee0-4a25-af0a-92e6f060e9eb}",
        "state": "finished",
        "role": "reviewer",
        "workflowStepName": "reviewing",
        "workflow": "default",
        "segmentrange": "",
        "usedState": null,
        "usedInternalSessionUniqId": null,
        "isPmOverride": "0",
        "staticAuthHash": "cfbef075-bb63-4d77-b688-ba5cb8d5ec81",
        "deadlineDate": "2022-06-10 19:55:12",
        "assignmentDate": "2022-06-07 14:24:07",
        "finishedDate": "2022-06-07 17:12:29",
        "trackchangesShow": "1",
        "trackchangesShowAll": "1",
        "trackchangesAcceptReject": "1"

Workflow Trigger in the application