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The workflow chain consists of workflow steps of the translate5 basic workflow:

  • "Translating"
  • "Editing / ProofreadingReviewing" (first editing)
  • "Checking of Editing/ProofreadingReviewing" (second editing).

Or, according to the choice of the project manager, only "Editing" or only "Translating".


If it is a translation task (all targets are empty) the standard status is "open" to editors and "waiting" for translatorChecks.
If it is a proofreading a reviewing task (some or all targets contains content) the standard status is "open" to translators and "waiting" for editors and translatorCheck's.
However, the project manager can freely decide on this differently, if he deems it reasonable.


Whenever a translator check user opens his task in the "Checking of Editing/ProofreadingReviewing" step, he initially will - due to the preset filtering - only see the segments, which were edited in the previous workflow step. Of course he can change this preset filtering any time.