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Available Methods:



Since on a POST request the import data is given, the POST must be transmitted as “multipart/form-data”.

POST creates the Task, and start the import process. Unless autoStartImport is set to 0, then the task is uploaded but the import starts on calling or a separate URL is called. See below.

By setting the userState to the value “edit” the task is registered as to be edited by the current user.

Setting it back to the userState “open” means that the the task is open again for all users.

forced DELETE: if the ACL right "taskForceDelete" (resource "backend") is set to a role, users of that role can use the "force" switch to delete tasks locked by other users.
This makes sense in some environments where translate5 task administration is done via API only. A DELETE call would then look like: DELETE /editor/task/123?force=1

Advanced filtering

In addition to the default filtering possibilities by task model fields, there is additional option for advanced "workflow" filtering. For example you can filter for all tasks where user "X" is assigned

as reviewer. The additional filter parameter should look like this:

Code Block
filter: [{"operator":"in","value":["{4484fa0b-4c94-4294-8d30-7dd697760d2b}"],"property":"userName"},{"operator":"in","value":["reviewer"],"property":"workflowUserRole"}]

This will filter for all tasks where the user with guid {4484fa0b-4c94-4294-8d30-7dd697760d2b} is assigned as reviewer.

The other available fields for the advanced workflow filters:

  • userName:  filters for assigned user in the workflow by user guid
  • userState: filters for assigned workflow state (role)
  • assignmentDate: filter for user job assignment date
  • finishedDate: filter for user job finish date
  • deadlineDate: filter for job deadline date

Special Task Import URLs

URL to start the import of the uploaded task:

/editor/task/[ID]/import →   [ID] is the id of the task, the taskGuid is currently not supported

Reimport a before exported task from an excel file: