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Download and install Okapi Longhorn as shown here:


Translate5 Configuration of the Okapi Plug-In


The above configurations must be set in the Zf_configuration table of your translate5 instance.

In addition the translate5's Okapi plug-in (which is already part of your installed translate5 instance) must be enabled in your translate5 instance.

To do both, execute the following code block. Be careful to change the contents to which "value" will be set in the sql-statements to your needs, if the plug-ins you want to activate or the URL for Okapi is different on your installation. Best look for the existing value of your plug-in configuration and simply add the Okapi Bootstrap-Class "editor_Plugins_Okapi_Init".so, find the right configuration option in your SQL database by executing the following select statement:

Code Block
titleFind configuration option ''
SELECT * FROM `Zf_configuration` WHERE `name` LIKE '' 

Activate translate5's okapi plug-in by adding it to the json array of this config option.

Therefore if the current value column of your config row looks like this

Code Block

Then add the okapi plug-in like this

Code Block
titleExample SQL of the translate5 Okapi Activate Okapi plug-in in your configuration
-- activate plug-in (be careful and watch, if the active plug-ins in the SQL match your needs)
UPDATE `Zf_configuration` SET `value` = '[\"editor_Plugins_NoMissingTargetTerminologyOkapi_BootstrapInit\",\"editor_Plugins_Transit_Bootstrap\",\"editor_Plugins_TermTagger_Bootstrap\",\"editor_Plugins_ChangeLog_Init\",\"editor_Plugins_Okapi_SpellCheck_Init\",\"editor_Plugins_MatchAnalysis_Init\"]' WHERE `Zf_configuration`.`name` = '';

-- configure Okapi URL

Then update your configuration to make translate5 point to the URL, where your Okapi instance is located (change the URL, if you installed it somewhere else)

Code Block
titlePoint translate5's okapi URL to okapi location
UPDATE `Zf_configuration` SET `value` = "http://localhost:8080/okapi-longhorn/" WHERE `name` = 'runtimeOptions.plugins.Okapi.api.url';