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file: multipart/form-data; the file to translate. "0" as field name is deprecated and it will not be supported in one of the next transalte5 versions.

source: string; the source language to translate from. Must be valid rfc5646 code.

target: string; the target language to translate to. Must be valid rfc5646 code.

Step 1: Starts a task-import with the file and its pretranslation.

As long as the import is running, the response in step 2 for this file will say "isImporting" instead of returning the download-link. You might need to repeat step 2 until you get the link.

The translated files are available until their configured lifetime is over; then they will be removed automatically.

Response (example): {"taskId":"539"}


Step 2: Get a list of all pretranslations that are currently available for the InstantTranslate-user including their downloadUrl.

Response: allPretranslatedFiles with the data for each pretranslation-file:

  • array[taskId] = array(taskName, downloadUrl, removeDate)
  • downloadUrl: 'isImporting' | 'isErroneous' | 'isNotPretranslated' | url (the url starts a common task-export; the translated file is included in the exported ZIP)