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// activates the duplication recognition by the formatted and rendered error message.
// for places where event codes are added with editor_Services_Connector_Exception::addCodes just add the addDuplicates calls directly afterwards.
// so the messages 'Test Error for "FOO"' and 'Test Error for "BAR"' are considered different, even if the event code is the same, and also the message template is the same: 'Test Error for "{variable}"'
ZfExtended_Logger::addDuplicatesByMessage('E1317', 'E1318'); 

//Configured that way, the variables in the message will play no role anymore:
ZfExtended_Logger::addDuplicatesByEcode('E1319', 'E1234'); 

//TODO: document adding in exceptions if duplication recognition should be used for events defined in exceptions, just override the template function ZfExtended_ErrorCodeException::setDuplication: 

class Demo_Exception extends ZfExtended_ErrorCodeException {

    static protected $localErrorCodes = [
        'E1234' => 'Demo Error.',

    protected function setDuplication() {


The domains are used to classify and therefore filter exceptions and log entries. In the filter process the event code is added to the domain internally, that enables filtering for concrete event codes too.