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t5memory was ported to work with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. It uses Proxygen library(HTTP lib, supported by Facebook), which uses other dependencies, like


docker build -t translate5/t5memory  .
This would pull t5memory repository from github and would build t5memory from last commit
Alternatively you can call the same command from the project's root directory, this would build t5memory from local files instead of repo, which could be used for development. 

Run a single docker container with a specific version

Code Block
titleTo run t5memory as a single docker container
docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --name t5memory -p -v /home/translate5tmservice/.t5memory-in-docker:/root/.t5memory/MEM --entrypoint  /root/t5memory  translate5/t5memory --port=4040 --alsologtostderr=1 --v=0

The command and its parameters explained:

Command partdescriptionMultiple t5memory instances
docker run -dRun the container detached, so in the background
--restart unless-stoppedEnsure that the container is restarted (f.e. after reboot)
--name t5memoryThe label of the containermust be changed if multiple containers of t5memory should run.
-p port mapping from where the internal port (4040) is mapped to on the host ( be changed if multiple containers of t5memory should run.
-v /home/translate5tmservice/.t5memory-in-docker:/root/.t5memory/MEMThe data path on the host mapped into the container - this affects the TM storage and persistency! should be changed if multiple containers of t5memory should run, there might be scenarios where multiple instances share the same files and therefore the same mapping
--entrypoint /root/t5memoryThe command which should be called in the container on startup

The container image, with any version tag the latest image locally available is used. A version tag might by added here:


When running multiple versions with different versions, version tag should be change accordingly.
--port=4040 --alsologtostderr=1 --v=0The parameters passed to the command defined in --entrypoint, so direct t5memory parameters

Update of the above running container

To update / change the image version of the above running container, do the following:

Code Block
docker stop t5memory                      # stops the running container
docker rm t5memory                        # removes the container - danger! If the data is not mapped via -v volumes parameters, the data is lost!
docker pull translate5/t5memory           # updates the image to the latest version

#  or to pull a specific version:
docker pull translate5/t5memory:0.3.17    # optionally pulls a specific version

# the same docker run as explained above, so by default:
docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --name t5memory -p -v /home/translate5tmservice/.t5memory-in-docker:/root/.t5memory/MEM --entrypoint  /root/t5memory  translate5/t5memory --port=4040 --alsologtostderr=1 --v=0