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When importing a zip import package into translate5, you optionally can add a bconf-file (batch configuration file) from Okapi Rainbow to it on the root level of the zip file. Then translate5 will use this bconf file for parsing your imported documents instead of the default one.

The batch configuration file is a bconf-file as exported from Okapi Rainbow. With Okapi Rainbow you can create your own custom file filters, for example for special kind of xml or txt-files.

For customizing a file filter, we recommend to start with the okapi_default_import.bconf, that you find in your translate5 installation at /application/modules/editor/Plugins/Okapi/data.

If you use the Okapi plugin for translate5, you can seemlessly seamlessly use Okapi in the background to convert files on import time - and convert them back on export (without the user having to touch Okapi). Please see details on the translate5 file format page and on the translate5 Okapi Plug-in page.