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  • documentName: contains the filename where the segment resides in Translate5.
  • segmentNumbercontext: evaluates to Translate5 segment mid.
  • markupTable: OpenTM2 gets a new markup table named „translate5“, so this is the value which is delivered by Translate5.
  • timestamp: this parameter is not set by translate5, but calculated automatically and delivered from OpenTM2 to translate5.
  • author: contains the named user which provides the update / new entry
  • In addition there are the following OpenTM2 Attributes currently not used by translate5:
    • contextsegmentNumber
    • additional info
    • type

To OpenTM2:


documentName: 'my file.sdlxliff',

segmentNumber: 123 ,

markupTable: 'translate5',


type: '',

timeStamp: '',

context: '123',

addInfo: '',