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errors: [{errorMsg: 'Given tmxData is no TMX.'}]



%service%Name of service(default - t5memory, could be changed in t5m3mory.conf file

Name of Translation Memory


1Get the list of TMsReturns JSON list of TMsGET/%service%/
2Create TM

Creates TM with the provided name

3Create/Import TM in internal formatImport and unpack base64 encoded archive of .TMD, .TMI, .MEM files. Rename it to provided namePOST/%service%/
4Delete TMDeletes .TMD, .TMI, .MEM files DELETE/%service%/%tm_name%/f
5Import TMX into TMImport provided base64 encoded TMX file into TMPOST/%service%/%tm_name%/import
6Export TMX from TMCreates TMX from tm. Encoded in base64GET/%service%/%tm_name%/
7Export in Internal formatCreates and exports archive with .TMD, .TMI, .MEM files of TMGET/%service%/%tm_name%/

Status of TM 

Returns status\import status of TMGET/%service%/%tm_name%/status
9Fuzzy searchReturns enrties\translations with small differences from requestedPOST/%service%/%tm_name%/fuzzysearch
10Concordance searchReturns entries\translations that contain requested segmentPOST/%service%/%tm_name%/concordancesearch
11Entry updateUpdates entry\translation POST/%service%/%tm_name%/entry
12Entry deleteDeletes entry\translationPOST/%service%/%tm_name%/entrydelete
13Save all TMsFlushes all filebuffers(TMD, TMI files) into the filesystemGET/%service%_service/savetms
14Shutdown serviceFlushes all filebuffers into the filesystem and shutting down the serviceGET/%service%_service/shutdown
15Test tag replacement callFor testing tag replacementPUT/%service%/