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Available Methods:

PUT only

Purpose:Starts the analysis and pre-translation of a task



0 or 1 if internal fuzzies should be used. To define default preset, use runtimeOptions.plugins.MatchAnalysis.internalFuzzyDefault

pretranslateMatchratenumber between 0 and 100, the minimum matchrate of a found TM match to be considered as a valid pre-translation

pretranslateTmAndTerm0 or 1, defines if TMs and Term Collections should be used for pre-translation. To define default preset, use runtimeOptions.plugins.MatchAnalysis.pretranslateTmAndTermDefault

pretranslateMt0 or 1, only usable if above pretranslateTmAndTerm is used, defines if MTs should be used also for pre-translation if no usable TM / Term was found. To define default preset, use runtimeOptions.plugins.MatchAnalysis.pretranslateMtDefault

termtaggerSegment0 or 1 if terminology should be marked if a term collection is assigned as well, currently only usable on import

isTaskImport0 or 1 defines if call is in import or not, will be removed in the future, since can be loaded from the task as well, only needed when using termtaggerSegment