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projectOpens the project panel
project/123(/456)?Selects directly one project, and optionally a task of that projectProblem for all direct selections: What do if the desired project (or entity in general) is not in the buffered grid?
Position based Search is needed as implemented years ago for the segments. Therefore postponed.
taskOpens the task overview panel
task/123See projectsPostponedSelect the task
task/123/filteredOpens the task overview, putting the given ID into the filter
clientOpens the client administration
client/123See projectsPostponed
task-edit/123/(456)?Opens the the task 123 for editing and optionally selects segment 456


Opens the the task 123 for reading and selects segment 456


Opens the user administration


See projectsPostponed
languageresourceOpens the Language Resources Panel


with directly selected (opened) one language resourcePostponed


Opens the personal preferences of the userMy Settings (Password)
preferences/systemOpens the System Confiuration Panel
preferences/fontsOpens the Visual Editing Font Config