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Essentially every file format

When using the Okapi plugin for translate5 supports 4 different (activated by default in MittagQIs translate5 hosting) all file formats supported by Okapi can be imported.

For example, Microsoft Office formats, Indesign, FrameMaker, XML, and HTML, but also numerous other file formats are included.

Additional bilingual file formats

In addition, translate5 supports the following variety of bilingual file formats for the import.

Lastly, translate5's zip import package format

Within a zip, you can upload multiple files into one task (with conserved folder hierarchies) and configure the task in great detail.

Please view the corresponding wiki page.

Pivot file

To add a pivot file to a task (bilingual files), the name of the pivot file and the name of the work-file must be the same. For all other work-files, where the pivot file name does not match the work-file name, no pivot will be assigned to the task.

For non-bilingual files (files handled by Okapi), when the work-file and the pivot-file names are compared, '.xlf' extension will be appended to the work-file name. 

Ex: if the work-file name is "test.html" the pivot file-name should be "test.html.xlf".

Read more about the uploading rules.

Below, you will find custom Okapi file filters that people uploaded to this wiki.