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translate5 has a lot of administrative configuration options.

Right now they are only settable at database level in the tables Zf_configuration and Zf_acl_rules (translate5 development team would love to get support for the development of a web-based administration wizard).


Most of the configuration options can be set in the preferences section of translate5, if you are logged in with admin rights.

Alternatively it is recommended for system administrators to change translate5 config options on the command line - as explained here: ./ config

This following page describes, how values can be changed on database level, which is not recommended.

People without programming knowledge should NOT change anything in Zf_configuration or Zf_acl_rules, since it is possible to completely mess up your translate5 installation, if you do not know what you do.


If you think configuring an application directly in the database is unhandy, feel free to support us in implementing a configuration GUI: contact us therefore!