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; add the following lines to the installation.ini[] = "editor_Plugins_FrontEndMessageBus_Init"
runtimeOptions.plugins.FrontEndMessageBus.socketServer.httpHost = SET.A.VALID.HOSTNAME.HERE   ; MUST be the same as above in httpHost

Starting the socket server

For basic usage the socket server can be run directly via commandline by calling the server.php in the FrontendMessageBus directory:

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php server.php

For productive usage the server.php should be run as daemon, for example with supervisord as recommended in the documentation of the used ratchet library.

For installation of supervisord see and for running

For integration of supervisord in boot up, either a start script was provided by your linux distribution or follow the instructions in:

supervisord configuration

Follow the supervisor installation instructions to create proper config templates.

Then create a program section for translate5 messagebus:

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command                 = bash -c "exec /usr/bin/php /pathToMessageBus/server.php"
process_name            = Translate5SocketServer
numprocs                = 1
autostart               = true
autorestart             = true
user                    = t5messagebus
stdout_logfile          = /var/log/supervisor/t5-messagebus.log
stdout_logfile_maxbytes = 1MB
stderr_logfile          = /var/log/supervisor/t5-messagebus-error.log
stderr_logfile_maxbytes = 1MB