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Yet it is possible to configure any mail server to use for a certain translate5 installation through smtp SMTP in translate5's installation.ini.

To do so you can use a configuration like this:

Code Block
;; Mandatory default sender email address and name
;; = MAILADDRESS            ; this is the address that is the sender of the email, should be something like = "Translation Company"   ; this is justthe hte from name for the email and should be changed to a speakable name

;; SMTP Server Example
;; If there is no local mail server configured, mail sending can optionally be configured to use a third party mail server:
resources.mail.transport.type = Zend_Mail_Transport_Smtp  ;thisIn order isto theuse maila transportseparate typeSMTP forserver the Zend_Mailtransport classtype andmust shouldbe stayset asto it is for smtpthis value = SMTPSERVER                ;this should be the hostname of your smtp server, that should send the mail = LOCALSERVERNAME           ;this should be the domain name of the server, that runs translate5 (used for HELO)

;; Optional, additional SMTP Configuration flags

; E-Mail transport security 
resources.mail.transport.ssl = tls | ssl                  ;choose between tls or ssl → with ssl the port 465 is used automatically
; SMTP Server authentication 
resources.mail.transport.auth = login | plain | crammd5   ; If authentication is needed for above configure mail server, choose the correct authtype here
resources.mail.transport.username = USERNAME              ; SMTP server credentials
resources.mail.transport.password = PASSWORD

;; Additional hints for Sendmail usage (default, local e-mail delivery)
resources.mail.transport.type = Zend_Mail_Transport_Sendmail     ; when setting additional parameters, the type must be set explicitly to Sendmail
resources.mail.transport.parameter = ''  ; a different sender (from) can be set via parameter

;; Disable E-Mail dispatching
;; in order to disable the e-mail dispatching at all, just add the following optional line to your config. No other mail transport configuration is needed then.
runtimeOptions.sendMailDisabled = 1 

In general you can use any kind of further configuration Zend_Mail of Zend Framework 1 allows. For a number of examples please have a look here.