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  • Prefixed with "E" so that a search for the error code through the code is more reliable than just searching for a number
  • No structure in the numbering to prevent discussions is it an error E12XX or E45XX
  • Do not start at 1 and don't use leading zeros.
  • Each usage of an error in the code should get separate code. Even if the error message / reason is the same. Reason is that the help desk might need to do different things in different cases.
    • Information about the error here in the list should not be copied, but errors can point to another errors: "E 4321: See E 1234". Thats work to maintain, but better as confusing the client by giving wrong hints.
    • if it makes sense for the support / help desk to split up an error in different errorcodes because of different reasons, than this should be done in the code so far
  • Never forget the purpose of error codes: make life easier for support / help desk.

        'E1061' => 'Entity locked',
        'E1062' => 'Entity in use',