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CategorySegment Edit Helper


Provides the usage of third party TM and MT systems in translate5.

Bootstrap Class

TypeCore plug-in (delivered with translate5 core)



Enables the usage of third party TM and MT systems in translate5. To support a MT / TM a so called service must be implemented in the plug-in. This is quite easy and usually a matter of days. Please contact us, if you need help on this.

Moses MT and OpenTM2 are supported.

TM/MT systems (or in general match resources) can be associated to tasks. In such tasks the user gets automatically found matches to the segments he is editing.

Also a concordance search is provided.

Configuration of the MatchResource Plug-In

Config nameValuesDefaultDescription


integer3Number of segments for which matches are preloaded (cached) in the front-end.
runtimeOptions.plugins.MatchResource.moses.serverjson array[ ]Moses MT related: List of available Moses Server, example: [""]
runtimeOptions.plugins.MatchResource.moses.matchrateinteger, 0 - 10070

Moses MT related: Moses MT penalty value, used as default matchrate since in MT no matchrate is available.

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