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Mandatory dependencies

Check these dependencies, if you have an existing server environment, that you want to use.

If you want to install the server enviroment from the scratch, go to Server environment - configure from scratch.

  • System and Apache locale must be UTF8 capable!
    • The translate5 apache setup should be on a domain encrypted with a SSL certificate so that data communication will be encrypted!
  • Apache2 webserver >= 2.2.x with the following Apache modules enabled

    • rewrite 

    • filter

    • deflate

    • headers

    • expires

  • MySQL database >= 5.7 (enabled innodb_file_per_table  is recommended)
    (Please note, that translate5 used to run on MSSQL. translate5 still is able to run on other SQL-Databases than MySQL with some testing and smaller adjustments to the code. Please contact the developers, if you need this.)
  • PHP 7.3 or higher with the extensions installed and enabled
  • Oracle JDK 8

Hardware requirements

The following requirements refer to a small production instance. For recommendations for bigger installations please contact service _att_ translate5 -dot- net.

  • CPU: 2 CPUs or Dual-Core
  • Available Memory for Apache/PHP/MySQL: 4GB
  • Hard Disk: Depends very much on how much projects you want to keep inside of translate5. Recommended at at least 50GB. SDD disk recommended
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