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translate5 supports the native xliff in version 1.1 and 1.2.

Generel Features

translate5 imports source target content. Segmentation with MRK tags (<mrk mtype="seg">) are supported as well.


All kind of XLF tags (<g>,<x/>,<bpt>,<ept>,<bx/>,<ex/>,<it>,<ph>) are supported. If <sub> tags are contained in tags, they are imported as separate segments as well.

Ignore Framing Tags

On importing a segment framing tags can be ignored. Framing tags are internal tags which surround the textual content. For proofreading tasks the framing tags in source and target field must be equal.

This is enabled by default, and can be deactivated in the config with setting runtimeOptions.import.xlf.ignoreFramingTags to 0.


Source in XLFTarget in XLFSource in Translate5Target in Translate5

<g id="1"><g id="2">Das ist ein <x />Testtext</g></g>

<g id="1"><g id="2">This is a <x />Testtext</g></g>

Das ist ein <x />Testtext

This is a <x />Testtext

The g tags in the source and target equals, they are ignored though.

<g id="2"><g id="1">Das ist ein <x />Testtext</g></g>

<g id="1"><g id="2">This is a <x />Testtext</g></g>

<g id="2"><g id="1">Das ist ein <x />Testtext</g></g>

<g id="1"><g id="2">This is a <x />Testtext</g></g>

The g tags are flipped between source and target, the tags remain in translate5.

<g id="1"><g id="2">Das ist ein <x />Testtext</g></g>

Das ist ein <x />Testtext

If the target is empty, the surrounding tags are removed in translate5.

On Export the framing tags are restored surround the segment text.

Preserve Whitespace

According to the XML specification and the XLIFF 1.2 specification the xml:space attribute is parsed and respected.

A default value can be set in translatet5 if whitespace should be preserved or not (config runtimeOptions.import.xlf.preserveWhitespace; boolean).

If the default value is true, all whitespace is preserved (since xml:space="default" should use the default value and not disable preserving at all).

If the default value is false, whitespace handling can be configured by the xml:space attribute as specified in the XLIFF 1.2 specification:

default or preserve. The value default signals that an application's default white-space processing modes are acceptable for this element; the value preserve indicates the intent that applications preserve all the white space. This declared intent is considered to apply to all elements within the content of the element where it is specified, unless overridden with another instance of the xml:space attribute.

Word count (OpenTM2 Syntax only)

translate5 uses the word count information contained in openTM2 xliff to provide the word count of the project, if the word count is not submitted manually on import time.

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