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translate5 supports SDLXLIFF as import format.

SDL Comments

Comments on segment level can be imported if enabled in the config otherwise an the comments are completly removed from the SDLXLIFF file by translate5. A warning is logged in that case.

To enable that feature set runtimeOptions.import.sdlxliff.importComments to 1, more information about configuration.

Target comments: if there are comments on specific words only, they are converted to comments pointing to the whole segment. This changes to the comments are persisted to the SDLXLIFF file on export.

Source comments are imported too. Single words comments remain here, since the source content can not be changed.

SDL TrackChanges / change-marks

If there is TrackChanges markup in SDLXLIF, the made changes can automatically be applied to the content on import time and the TrackChanges markup is removed from the import file.

By default this feature is activated, to disable that feature set runtimeOptions.import.sdlxliff.applyChangeMarks to 0, more information about configuration.

Since the changes are applied to the content, the whole change-mark information is removed from the SDLXLIFF file, change-mark meta information (like time of change and author of a specific change) is getting lost.

Track changes on export

The SDLXLIFF-syntax for the "track changes" functionality is supported in the export.

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